Amazon Video on Demand Keyboard Shortcuts

I’m in the process of getting my Home theater PC in order.

One of the many online video services that I use is Amazon Video on Demand. I am in the process of figuring out all of the ways in which I can use a remote control to navigate services and software that I am using in my setup.

Hulu desktop was a breeze, I can simply use the apple remote to navigate and I can use the excellent Understudy plugin for front row (make sure to get 0.7!). However, there is no desktop client for Amazon VOD for OS X.

So I figure I’m going to write a thin skin to their service and hopefully integrate it into Frontrow similar to Understudy’s integration of Netflix and Hulu.

First things first, I really needed to figure out what keyboard shortcuts are available for their flash-based video player to see which key presses I would need to make work with the apple remote. So without further ado, here they are:

Video Player

  • SHIFT-F – full screen
  • ESC – exit full screen
  • SHIFT-R – rent movie/episode
  • SHIFT-B – buy movie/episode/series
  • SHIFT-L – go back to your library listing
  • UP – volume up
  • DOWN – volume down
  • RIGHT – skip ahead 10 seconds
  • LEFT – skip back 10 seconds

Your Video Library Listing Panels

  • UP – move up
  • DOWN – move down
  • RIGHT – move right
  • LEFT – move left
  • PGUP – up one page
  • PGDOWN – down one page
  • ENTER – show video details (if movie or tv series) / drill into show tv episodes
  • ESC – close video details / move back up to series (if in episodes list)

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