Amazon Video On Demand Plex Plugin

I have begun work on a plugin for Plex Media Center. This will ultimately allow me to use a remote control (like the Apple Remote or the Harmony One) to control Plex. This ultimately will complete my HTPC needs…. At least for now.

Proposed features:

  • List your purchased videos
  • Preview un-purchased videos
  • Search streamable videos by name
  • Purchase/rent a video

The hardest part is going to be getting the Amazon login process to work properly I think.

As an aside, I’ll have to say that the lack of documentation for the Plex python API has me sad-facing all over the place but there are quite a few plugins for plex that can be used as an example. Oh and a big FAIL for Amazon not having an API for searching.

If anyone out there is interested in helping, please comment.